Security Manager Wanted at Transnet for 2020

Security Manager at Transnet

A security officer is one who employed by a private or public party to protect the employing party’s assets from a variety of hazards like stolen by enforcing preventative measures.

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Position Purpose

The Port Facility (terminal) Security Manager is responsible for managing, leading, coordinating, planning and organizing the total TPT Facility Security Function (Security Operations Security Investigations/Intelligence, Security Liaison, ISPS

To provide Facility Management with the relevant Security Information, and advise with regard to the Security implications of certain Management decisions in order to ensure efficient, decisive and informed Management decisions.

Implementation and Coordination, access and egress control) within the Port Facility by ensuring command, control and the enforcement of disciplinary procedures, over all security personnel under his control, in order to ensure the protection of the assets of TPT, Clients and employees.

Position outputs

  • Management of the Port Facility Security functions to ensure the safety & security of TPT and that of the Port users, inclusive of cargo and assets.
  • Monitor compliance/adherence to Security operational policy, standing procedures, standards and legislation through regular audits, in order to ensure that corrective/disciplinary action in cases of non-compliance, in line with TPT disciplinary procedures are initiated.
  • Manage co-ordinate, monitor and control the uniformed facility Security permit system in order to protect the integrity of the system.
  • Monitor and control real expenditure against budget
  • Execute and co-ordinate Security risk and threat assessments within the facility, to ensure those relevant measures to counter the threats to TPT and its clients are introduced.
  • Monitor implementation of security operational plans, utilization of resources (human/equipment).
  • Manage, co-ordinate, control and ensure the implementation of Port Facility Security training programme, in order to ensure career enablement and training of TPT Security functions in line with the strategic objectives of the Security department.
  • Organise physical and human resources for the enablement of the security function.
  • Organise security forums, briefings sessions to inform line management, clients and stakeholders with regard to security
  • Supply monthly reports to line management.
  • Organising and directing security Functional teams within Facility Security.
  • Develop, maintain, review and update and distribute departmental Security Policy Framework in order to ensure Security awareness Programmes within the Port facility environment.
  • Implement security business plans with regard to National TPT Security and Transnet security requirements.
  • Manage, control and monitor expenses with regard to the operational and capital budget, to ensure cost effective Security functionality and maximise resource utilisation.
  • Regular liaison with relevant Law Enforcement Agencies for purposes of special / joint operations and physical security needs to ensure effective Security services
  • Co-ordinate the development, implementation and review of the Port facility Security Plan, to ensure the effective Project
  • Management of Security upgrade initiatives and alignment to TPT Business Planning process.

Qualifications & Experience

  • 5 years’ experience in the security
  • PSIRA registered, Grade A/B
  • Matric
  • Surveillance/Counter-surveillance (Practical course 2 months)
  • Investigations/Intelligence (Basic course 2 weeks’ certificate)
  • B Degree/National Diploma in the relevant field

Knowledge required

  • Communicates the business strategy and objectives in a clear and manner.
  • Knowledge of TPT business processes, policies, procedures and standards
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Knowledge of Intensive Fire prevention
  • Knowledge of ITSAM (NOSA)
  • Thinks in a systemic way but is open to new approaches.
  • Relationship Management
  • Innovating Generates new ideas or solutions by thinking “outside of the box”; reviews current processes or systems and identifies ways to optimise them
  • Build wide and effective relationships with people inside and outside of the organisation to deliver on Project Factory initiatives
  • Knowledge of SAMTRAC (NOSA)
  • Collaborating and Networking
  • Analysing
  • Knowledge of Project Management Tools / Techniques
  • Strategy & Sustainability
  • Business Acumen Understands and deal with various business situation using obtained knowledge and a broad spectrum of expertise.
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Lead Business Performance
  • Supports the business to be more efficient and effective
  • Implements strategies and business plans to achieve the overall organisations direction.
  • Commercial awareness
  • Business Performance and Delivery
  • Keeps abreast of internal and external factors that can impact the business

Corporate Governance and  Compliance

  • Emotional Intelligence Is aware of own leadership styles and is able to adapt style to enhance team and business performance.
  • Leading Governance Always work in the best interest of the organisation and aligns business practices to the ethical obligations and good corporate governance.
  • Resilience Manages pressure effectively and copes well with criticism and setbacks.
  • Leading Risk Management Identifies areas of risks and implements corrective actions to mitigate the impact of risks to ensure overall sustainability.
  • Dedicated to continuous learning and self-improvement.
  • Learning and Applying Expertise
  • Personal Mastery
  • Vigour and  Personal Drive

Accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm. Works hard and shows energy and persistence to achieve high quality results. Is a role model for others who strive for personal excellence.


  • E-mail :
  • Call the hotline toll free number: 0800 003 056 or email
  • Operating Division : TPT Durban CT
  • Position Title : Security Manager
  • Employee Group : Permanent
  • Department : Security
  • Location : Durban
  • Reporting To : Terminal Manager
  • Grade Level : F
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